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A Look Into the Facebook Phone

Posted on 1st Apr 2013 @ 8:47 AM

                                                                                   A Look Into the Facebook Phone

Rumors about Facebook's commitment to marketing its own smartphone floated for years, with varying intensity. In recent days, there was even talk that the company even considering buying Nokia or RIM as a potential producer of devices and media "leaked" photos of the device design.

Facebook has not officially confirmed when will release their mobile device. The company invites the media to event that will be held at the company's headquarters on April 4 this year. On his company Mark Zuckerberg will present a product called "new home of Android", reports technology website TechCrunch. According to informed sources, the magazine in this case a modified version of the Android operating system of Google, which will offer more functionality deeply embedded Facebook main screen of the smartphone. Expectations are "smart" phone is a handset of Taiwan HTC. 

Some observers even believe that the event on April 4 will be presented called. Facebook phone that for years rumors and speculation. It is assumed that the social network it will bind more solid with mobile technologies as modified Android will offer quick and easy access to a variety of commonly used Facebook applications. Other analysts believe, however, that Facebook is still too young and small to be able to produce their own devices. According to Josh Costin TechCrunc by Mark Zuckerberg and company already have many of the elements to create its own operating system.

For example, its recent developments in the field of internet telephony (VoIP) can lead to the creation of a mobile application for making calls, which competes services for mobile operators. In addition to benefits such modified Android system has its dark sides. It would provide huge opportunities on Facebook to collect data from their users. For example, the social network will know who your closest friends simply as follows whom to call and whom you send SMS-and often. Such an option would lead to an overall improvement of information that provides network and user - the content in the news flow to advertisements for products that your closest friends like.