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Ads on the Internet

Posted on 25th Jun 2013 @ 12:25 PM

                                                                                   Ads on the Internet

In life there are three certainties - death, taxes and advertising. In the modern world people invest significant amounts of money on advertising in television. A newspaper is 70% of the commercials, and radio is fully supported by ads. It is a fact that Internet advertising increased off-grid, so the radio will hear more and more ads for sites. The future of media is in the combination between them and the use of social networks such as Postvai.com - the advertising market. Internet advertising as defined by the Association of Advertising Agencies is any paid form of controlled impact, conducted via the Internet for the provision of goods or services in support of an open source.

Someone asked you a question when it was first Internet ad?

You would not believe if I tell you that it was actually spam! To 12. 04.1994 in the U.S. - L. Kanter first mass mail sent to a lawyer to advertise your firm. The same year appeared the first banner ad for beer. 1995 the first group of advertisers for $ 40,000 primarily liquor companies ;-). The same year, the Internet reaches 5 million users. 1996 - The appearance of animated banners and Yahoo introduces pay per click. There is also the first branded site. Already clear that we have one of the fastest Internet in Europe and based its use among the population are comparable with countries in central part of the continent. But the good news ends there. Just look at the statistics for last year and see what the future awaits us. Keep in mind that the ads are not intrusive win and will have the effect of ads that user selects himself. Just like social networking services offer, so use them. Remember that investing now in advertising reap profits tomorrow.