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Animated Shopping Catalogues

Posted on 13th Jun 2013 @ 1:02 AM

                                                                                   Animated Shopping Catalogues

     3D visuals will be the web's product presentation standard in the next years. All on-line shops will be featuring product manipulation capabilities on their web sites. The advantage of animated catalogues will be negated by all competing brands featuring the same capabilities. In 21st century the expectations of design, and website performance are high, that’s why your webshop needs a 3D visual catalogue.

   When we shop online (e.g. deciding if we want to buy a new camera) we often get to see some photographs from pre-set perspectives. In better cases there is a 360 degree view available that has been built out of photographs, but lacks any sort of interactivity with the object and might not provide the required details. There is an opportunity to enrich the web catalogue with 3D content. The 3D technology can provide a ‘virtual representation’ of our products with great success. Having configurable 3D models available that customers can download and use in their designs makes your products much more understandable. The 3D interactive product animations are the most effective way to increase your e-commerce ratio. On-line marketers and photographers need to employ the best tools and technologies at their disposal to hold the attention of their consumers and offer them an awesome product experiences. Best of all, your clients will find managing their online store straightforward and fun. 3D visuals allow for a shopping environment that is practical, effective in marketing and promoting the products that matter to your customers. It is in the 3D area that some of the most exciting developments are currently taking place - including options for 3D design, 3D merchandising and in-store layout. By making the online shopping experience as lifelike as possible, the aim of the new 3D tool was to win over Internet users who remain reluctant to make online purchases. 

   3D – Desk is one of the companies that provide 3D animation and e-commerce into the 3D-desk concept. The company is based in Amsterdam. 3D – Desk don’t design and build websites and webshops. 3D – Desk has interactive 3D animations for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. Bastiaan de Jong is the founder at 3D – Desk. He was a Marketing Consultant at Vodafone, Publisher at Kieskeurig and Business Developer at KPN. 3D – Desk 3D modeling applications have been used mainly in mobile industry. In conclusion we can say that 3D technology takes online shopping to new heights.