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Are Facebook Ads Effective?

Posted on 21st May 2013 @ 8:08 AM

                                                                                   Are Facebook Ads Effective?

In recent years, a boom in attendance is on social networks, especially Facebook. More and more people are simply addicted to this social network and sometimes run 20-30 times a day in it. Statistics show that Bulgarian registered users on Facebook already exceeds 1.5 million, of which nearly one million visit the social network daily.

That's why marketing and advertising on Facebook are of great importance for business and more companies are turning to this type of advertising as a lot more efficient, giving significant results.

Like any other enterprise and advertising on social networks has its own strategy to be successful. Basically this strategy is to establish a dialogue and profitable relationships with customers using their own unique posts on Facebook to attract their attention. At first glance it seems very easy, but it has its subtleties. And for all the subtleties in each area has its pros - in this case, specialists in marketing and advertising.

They helped us and built our business strategy SMM - Facebook marketing.

In a career planning strategy, in a relatively short term, from advertising on Facebook can expect:

    Relatively inexpensive advertising to secure a large number of potential customers;
    Ability to create lasting relationships with your customers;
    To receive a large number of testimonials from satisfied customers, which are available for all your future;
    You can enter into a dialogue with their customers;
    Branding - Promotion of products and offer their brand;
    Your company website will be in a much better position in search engines, which makes it easily accessible by customers;
    Attracting Facebook Marketing - an opportunity to show the benefits of your product or service to potential customers to choose you over your competitors. Helping them with free advice to solve your problem, you win them to their clients; increasing sales, return on investment and increase profits.

The Internet is an environment in which the presence is not as expensive as in other media such as television, magazines and more colorful. But that's why the competition in this environment is becoming more and more consumers are becoming confused and have difficulty selection. Beset on all sides by loud and colorful advertisements today's consumer has started to ignore them and look for another more unusual way to be confident and focused on their choice. In this regard, Facebook is the place where you can advertise your business without being annoying your customers by introducing them to them and pointed out their advantages. The point is to do quality and rules to achieve good results, which will be a success for your business and your customers.

The Internet is a free environment, and cost needed to attend there are not as large as those in television, magazines and even radio. If until now the average user there had to watch commercials on television alone and let them listen to it on the radio, now it is spattered. Thus his guard is up even more and he becomes almost untouchable by advertising attacks. Consumers themselves are becoming immune to stop and pay attention not only of television and radio ads that have so far been a major source for them, but all the other channels. So it turns out that the Internet and its accompanying children do not facilitate marketing, but simply a result of its growth and opportunity for further development. To prove it’s these I want to show two video spots of Apple, respectively, from the distant 1984 and 2010 nearby. The first video has been viewed nearly 11 million times, and the second 17 million. The difference is not very large considering not only the quality of the spot and emotional approach in the first, but technologically advanced times in which we live.