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Best Source for Online News

Posted on 26th May 2013 @ 6:32 AM

                                                                                   Best Source for Online News

For several years now, analysts have been watching the way in which social networks are becoming increasingly popular as a source of news and current affairs. Many of the big online new sites recognize this, and have started to integrate sites like Facebook and Twitter into their own websites. The CNN website, for example, allows users to link the site to their Facebook account to see the most popular stories within their Facebook Friends list.

Twitter plays a rather different role in the dissemination of news. With a character limit of just 140, it is hardly a place where readers can read full news reports, but that doesn't mean that its brevity works against it. Indeed, it is this quality, along with the overall simplicity of the site, that means it has fast become a great source for news online.

he Twitter experience relies heavily on the mobility of users, which means that you are more likely to get relevant news and information when you are out and about. When your friends send you a text message or email to tell you about something, you are much likelier to pick it up quickly than if you were just going to surf a website. Twitter works in exactly the same way, except it deposits a constant stream of news and information to your smartphone from users whose interests you share. That focuses your following enormously, and means that Twitter is far more likely to deliver the content that interests you than any other site.

Twitter has the means to direct you to the content that you want. Users post links, videos, images or simple flat text messages that tell you what you need to know. The speed with which Twitter can share messages beats any of the online news sites and their concepts of 'breaking news'. Indeed, many news sites are now looking to Twitter to feed breaking stories as they happen. Eye witness accounts, interviews or wry observations are now increasingly fed from Twitter, and by the time they appear on the major news sites, things have almost certainly moved on.