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Biggest Mistakes of Small Businesses

Posted on 5th Jul 2013 @ 9:51 AM

                                                                       Biggest Mistakes of Small Businesses

Did you know that in 2010 the share of small businesses that use social media as part of their marketing strategy was 24% (from 12% in 2009) and 45% of them expect a return on their investment in social media over the next twelve months.

This ever-increasing number of small businesses in social media makes it possible to analyze the "electronic" behavior and to derive some general characteristics - in this case errors.

* Companies have a plan and clear and measurable objectives.
* Companies do not know your target audience - not fixed it and / or do not know how to reach and how to attract and engage the attention of her lack emotion!
* Do not spend time on research. If you still be paid, it is quite small and they are analyzed and conclusions of the study.
* Do not set deadlines - companies begin to do something to achieve a goal, but not set time limits, which must happen?
* Websites and blogs are not updated! Through social media, companies often direct users to the company's website or blog, but more often they are obsolete, unsupported, and accordingly, useless.
* Companies do not learn from their mistakes. Clearly, sinless people / companies will. But it is important that one made a mistake is not repeated.
* Fun! Companies focus on the serious side of things, but the fun part of the internet communication is in the background. Should not be, because smiles sell!

* The company is represented by corporate social media accounts of "all" staff - untrained, unprofessional, no marketing skills.
* Inconsistencies in the action will focus on your goals! Chaos!
* Do not think before you comment.
* Companies often create conversations in social media, and rely on monologues. This is not correct when encountered with live-minded people with an opinion.
* Personal and professional social profiles to blur into each other.
* Companies do not know how to share internet marketing to traditional media and communication channels that are used now.

* When taking any action in social media takes time before you see the effect of them - it usually takes about 6 months of hard work.
* Companies want clicks - the more clicks are better for your business. And it's faster! And the longer the time spent on the site! At the same time remember that more important for them is to increase the number of actual customers and sales, and hence profits! A campaign, whatever it is, is effective when the income of the company has increased thanks to her.

* Firms hardly take (or not take) negative comments from users who do not like them. These users may, however, become loyal customers if given adequate attention by the company (adequate calm answer explanation).

* Aggressive advertising - often small companies write only for yourself - for your brand, your product, but not for the "facts of life" that all interested and which actually show that they stand behind people.
* Aims to sell at any price.
* Firms build profiles on all social networks, which is fine, but when these profiles are developed and are useful for the fans in the profiles.
* The company is a measure of the effectiveness of their actions.
* Do not follow any media plan.
* Firms experiment! And all it is clear that a sample error and risk is achieved miracles. And money!
* Social media is used as a backup strategy, not as part of the total. And they are increasingly and a powerful marketing tool!