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Common mistakes made in marketing

Posted on 10th Jul 2013 @ 9:44 AM

Most common mistakes made in Marketing

The most common mistakes in marketing activities of companies can be summarized in three main points.  

Error 1. Businesses lack the knowledge and data on the return on marketing investment you make. Too many businesses invest in marketing and promotional activities without taking the time to study without understanding what they are getting for the money. If the investment can not be bound to a particular outcome, that money can be lost.

Error 2. Businesses rely too much on the sales team. When sales are low, business owners are often reluctant to put pressure on the employees of the sales department, trying to get them to sell more in order to increase the company's revenue.

Error 3. The company website is used more like an advertisement than as a source of useful information. According to David Scott, author of "Marketing and PR in real time" and marketing strategies in Lexington, Massachusetts: if the company's website shows only product catalog of features and prices of the products, it is possible to be in touch with potential customers company. The biggest problem is that small businesses continued to focus on themselves and not on the problems and needs of people who are trying to reach.



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