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Digital Marketing and the Impact of Analytics


Marketing is no longer simply a creative practice. It is now controlled by all channels of media. Consumers want to use all media channels simultaneously. Tracking these channels is essential to marketing and utilizing digital content alike. As emerging trends rise, digital marketing becomes essential for marketers of all sorts. Media Fragmentation takes place in many areas in marketing. Digital channels such as social media, have become increasingly important as audiences have moved across numerous niche portals. Now broadcast and print channels are becoming part of social conversations on the web. Controlling a digital medium such as a website or social channel can help traditional mediums such as print or television. The traditional media outlet would be able to track its content through a wider base and they can garner a digital audience.

Attracting audience attention is now more accessible as audiences can now access content through a wide variety of mediums. Digital is a key player in attracting content of all types. For example, people can read the news while listening to the radio on one device. The consumer can now hop between applications on their phone or tablet with the push of a touch screen. These devices and applications are all traceable making it easy to keep up with how much the application or website is being used. Social Media has been fragmented across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. These sites are becoming more essential for different mediums to track popularity and garner leads.

A consumer can now choose exactly how, when and why they will interact with a brand using digital mediums. Digital has easily overtaken traditional mediums and quickly become the medium of choice for most consumers. Consumers must be reached with steady messaging and updates as tastes and trends are changing rapidly. Tracking trends using analytics is integral in the digital age and it has become a mainstay for modern marketers.


Writer - Wayne Lawson

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