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Do Colleges Check Your Facebook?

                                                                                   Do Colleges Check Your Facebook?

More and more people want to see whofollows themon Facebook. There are dozens ofapplications, like "profile visitors", but none of it isreal. There’s no way to find out who visits a Facebook profile. However, Facebook counts in educational life. In order to evaluate applicants, the admission officers are looking to their Facebook profiles. The online information can affect negatively the admission process, if data found through Internet contain improper material.

Many colleges don’t use social network sites and they are not influenced by it. However, some admission officers think that teenagers online data are public information which schools need to verify in order to protect the integrity of the institutions. Pictures, videos and other personal data mean something when it comes to establish the candidate social profile.

Studies confirm the fact that colleges use social media to help them recruit students. That is why students take a new look at their Facebook account and post nice information about them, avoiding potentially damaging ones. An embarrassing Facebook material, such as a picture of a drunk student, may give negative feedback. There was a case when an applicant posted a picture with him holding a gun, or another situation in which a student announced on Facebook that he had been disciplined for fighting. As a result, several applicants were rejected because of information on social network sites.

Colleges are trying to protect their brands, so this days Internet is a “must” for admission officers. That is why students are advised to restrict public access on their profiles and to avoid posting things that could affect them in college admissions. Applicants need to be careful because Facebook may impact their admission chances.

Colleges increase their interest in students’ online lives. Twelve percent of admissions counselors announced that what they found on social networks hurt an applicant's admissions prospects—particularly when it involved vulgarity, proof of illegal activity, and evidence of alcohol consumption. It is best that, at least during the admissions season, students take a good look at their Facebook profile and remove all things that could be considered lewd.

Published on 12th Jan 2013 @ 9:05 PM