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Facebook Marketing Tips

Posted on 31st Aug 2012 @ 1:54 PM

Facebook Marketing Tips

-Give people a reason to become fans: Encourage people to like your page!

-Stay on topic: The people who Like you on Facebook expect you to posts topics related to your brand or industry. Such as writing about a current event tying it to your brand. Some examples may include; posting a YouTube video, asking friends to post questions and/or pictures related to your brand.

-Ask the right kind of questions: When done right, you can significantly increase your fan engagement and build some great relationships. Ask questions that are easy to answer. One-word answers are great!  People like to talk about themselves, if you ask questions that relate to them they will be more likely to respond.  

-Include pictures in your Facebook updates: Include pictures of your products, customers, and/or employees.

-Celebrate your milestones: Did you reach a one year anniversary? Receive an award? Expand? Let your fans know about it!

-Get creative: Do something creative…

-Stimulate Facebook fans: The majority of your Facebook fans are indeed fans. Don’t bore them to the point where they lose interest. They can unfriend you just as easily.

-Run a Facebook contest: Everyone loves a contest and a chance to win something!

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