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Facebook Pay Service

                                                                                   Facebook Pay Service

Doing money over the internet is a goal for social media networks. Day after day there are new posibilities and Facebook develops that kind of tactics. In America, Facebook is testing a product where regular users pay to promote their status updates. Throught this new strategy, paid statutes gain priority. This product also marks a change in Facebook strategy regarding taxes for services delived to regular users. Price for promoting status updates is seven dollars in US. The service have been also tested in other countries, asking price being ranged from 1 to 12 dollars.

Some users resist change, forming groups such as „End promoted posts” or „Agains paying money to announce / promote posts”. Others praise the initiative, considering a good oportunity to promote their important events or personal initiatives. Statistics are saying that a post paid has been viewed 3.8 times more often than the unpaid ones. Besides profit from this new service, Facebook has the opportunity to colect new information about users, such as data cards and postal codes.

A few months later after this service was launched, Facebook delivered a new one. In December, Facebook has begun testing a system which allows users to send messages at o cost of 1$ each ouside the immediate circle of contacts in social network. Facebook already lets users to send messages outside the circle of contacts, but they are directed to the folder „Other”, which is often ignored by members. The new Facebook allows sendind directly to the main file „Inbox” of the user, for a fee. Each message sent costs initially 1$, but Facebook plans to adjust the price. Only people can send messages using this service, so that major companies can’t send messages to large amount of users. For now, Facebook limits the service to a limited number of users in the U.S. and restricts at 1 per week the number of messages that a person can receive this way.

These are new parts of Facebook efforts to identify new ways to increase their venues. Facebook, which has exceeded 1 billion active users monthly, also has a number of advertising and e-commerce initiatives.



Published on 10th Jan 2013 @ 12:43 PM