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Facebook Phone App Changes

                                                                                   Facebook Phone App Changes

Mobiles – top priority! In a world where phones gaining ground over desktops, Facebook develops many applications to meet user’s expectations. The latest one is “Poke for Mobile”, released just before Christmas. It’s an iPhone app which allows people to poke, send messages, photos or videos. A particularity of this app is the fact that messages expire after a specific time set by the user.

“Facebook for Android 2.0” and “Facebook for iPhone 5.3”, which are made to browse faster are new. One can also use “Facebook Camera” (to share photos in a snap), “Facebook Messenger” (to reach friends faster) or “Facebook for iPad” (with games, chat and bigger photos”). Or one can try “Photo Syncing” - lets users save the photos on your phone to Facebook privately, then choose which ones to share.

“Facebook Camera” is not available in all countries as yet. For those who can use it, this app lets them share photos faster than ever, and to see all their friends’ latest shots in one place. In “Facebook Messenger”, everyone can send messages directly to friend’s mobile phones. They are delivered instantly and one can reply to a message even if one does not have a smart phone. It also is a group conversation available.

“Facebool for iPad” has been divided to three subchapters. The first one is “Connect” – tap and swipe to quickly catch up with friends. Second section: “Look” – flip through bigger, more vibrant photos. The last but not least chapter is “Chat” – text, message and has group conversations. Facebook even tests a mobile ad network. Here, advertisers are able to pay to target you with ads for apps stores or websites based on your profile data. This could be a big way for Facebook to make money outside web.

These are just a few, latest examples of Facebook Mobile apps, used by people around the world to connect and share with their friends. More will come, as phones gain ground over desktops. Over 50% of the 900 million users access the site via a mobile device, so Facebook needs to become a mobile company.: “Facebook Mobile is the number one priority”, this is a goal announced by Mark Zuckerberg.

Published on 6th Jan 2013 @ 2:19 PM