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Facebook Timeline Changes 2013

Posted on 20th Apr 2013 @ 2:14 PM

                                                                                   Facebook Timeline Changes 2013

   When you change the type of Facebook profile page and introduce the so-called. "Timeline" (timeline) responses were different. Some liked the reorganization of information, others - not so much as photos, status updates and news were not separated and that created some inconveniences.

   Well, the giant company made some changes in this regard. They have been tested in New Zealand and some other parts of the world, but officially active today, writes allfacebook.com. The aim is to organize any user information in the timeline, according to your priorities and do not miss important information for him. New TimeLine is extremely adaptable and personalized. In fact, the whole point is that the content and open graph actions are positioned on the left side of the page, all posts are right.

   As mentioned, the personal information section, friends, pictures and applications will be located on the left side of the screen. The rest is in your hands. You can put the top activities and information that is important to you, for example: your recent photos from Instagram. On Facebook said it wants to give its customers more freedom of action. A representative of the company shares some of the reasons and motivations that led to this update. They relate mainly to the content. There is a separate room for the things that interest everyone. Displaying them on a higher level, the content will speak for itself. As for design, page layout is clear and easy.

   In addition to these amenities, Facebook provides a great opportunity to share in the media such as books, movies or television. This also notes what you like, you can highlight and what you want to watch or read in the future. It is useful, right?

   Some users have already seen the revised design of the Timeline, which corrects one of the most criticized features of the general layout, namely the two columns in the profiles. Improved Timeline is only one column for new comments to the user. The second column fails completely; it will contain more static information such as friends, activities, photos, etc. In addition to this change, users will notice a completely redesigned profile. Some of the changes include the exact number of followers, the small size of the picture and more.