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Get Plays on SoundCloud

Posted on 23rd May 2013 @ 12:49 PM

                                                                                   Get Plays on SoundCloud

The most significant effect of melodies digitalisation is the potential for instrumentalists to come to a worldwide audience. promise being the formative word. Putting it up there isn't sufficient – you need ears as well. One of the large things about Soundcloud is the statistics. For me, glimpsing how numerous plays, downloads, favourites and remarks I get each week is an amazing motivator.

The internet is all about like-minded people finding each other. Although many users don't even know they exist, Soundcloud groups are great for connecting producers and listeners with similar tastes. Soundcloud groups aren't like Facebook groups. They're more like sets where anyone can contribute.

Rule nr. 1 in web design is to have dynamic content. It doesn't matter how productive you are - if nothing is happening on your site, it seems like nothing is happening with you. Change is exiting. Stability is boring. I think the same thing goes for Soundcloud. If someone comes by your page, you want them to see fresh material up there on the top, not the same old track they heard eight months ago.

There are a lot of other sounds that might be interesting for your listeners. Livesets, old tracks, mixes, unfinished tracks or even you just jamming. When I got my MFB-522 Drumcomputer, I put up a little testrun to show how it sounds. So just put up whatever you think people might like to hear. It all depends on you - you are and who your fans are really.

Stuff likes an unfinished track or a drum machine jam, I'll probably take down after a month or when a real track comes up. But keeping a steady flow of sounds coming can get you aggregated followers and probably also a couple of listeners on your back catalogue while they're already on your page!

When it comes to my music, I'm an attention whore. I check up on my Soundcloud page at least once a day to see if there are any new hearts, bubbles or arrows. And when someone gives me a comment or favourite, I often check out who they are out of curiosity. I might even check out their music!

People use Soundcloud for different reasons. Me, mainly to find new tracks and promote my music. But a lot of people use it to listen to DJ mixes. Which means you're missing out on a whole demographic by just having tracks up.