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Google AdWords or Bing Ads

Posted on 23rd May 2013 @ 12:50 PM

                                                                                   Google AdWords or Bing Ads

Very interesting discussion arose in one of the most popular SEO forums, WebMasterWorld, which led to suspicion that the search engine to Microsoft, Bing, crawls the links in the results on Google. Forum User agrees that he believed "spiders" to use Bing results from Google AdWords, to visualize results to its users. However, if this is so?

Responses to this question can be various. Some users give their opinion that virtually Bing can take results from Google AdWords walkthrough on SERPs in Google, but there are other options. One possible scenario is the publication of the corresponding link in the Bookmark sites, which leads to greatly offset the corresponding URL. As another embodiment, mentioned is the use of data from the Internet Explorer (IE) by Bing, and placing a link to a page containing the Google AdWords URL, and thus obtaining this way an interesting result.

As incredible as it may sound that Bing crawls results on Google, concerning advertising platform AdWords, it may be that Bing has also resulted in a loss of advertisers and Google respectively negative effect on CTR (Click through Rate) - factors showing the effectiveness of your ad. Unfortunately technique as placing robots.txt can not stop spiders when it comes to Google AdWords. We'll be interested to hear your opinion.