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How is SEO Changing?

Posted on 8th May 2013 @ 10:02 AM

                                                                                   How is SEO Changing?

No need to be a specialist in the field of web advertising, to confirm the need for the use of social media for successful marketing. SEO Specialists, however, can not reach a consensus on social signals and their relevance for optimization. Traditional SEO techniques are long dead. Google has rolled out two stages of change (Google Panda and Google Penguin), which successfully destroyed a large number of sites. Changes collapsed positioning of these sites, and flatly stated that traditional SEO is a thing of the past.

Social signals: General Information
Social signals are particularly useful for advertisers. May be used as an indicator for the success of the campaign and the manner in which the audience is reacted with a specific mark, product or company.

Here is a list of some of the most important social signals:
- Number of shares of a particular page / website on Facebook
- Number of likes on Facebook
- Number of +1 s on Google+
- Comments written in the content shared in social networks
- Number of followers on Twitter
- Mention of the page / web address on Facebook Status / Post

Social signals provide important information about advertising on a particular website, but do they play a role in optimization? The information on this issue is unclear

SEO and Google+
   It was clear that Google's social network will change the rules of the game. Although optimization tips include Google+ are based primarily on speculation, most experts believe that the network will soon show its full potential. Google+ already affects the results for a particular search. Search engine users who are members of the social network will see results that are influenced by their friends on Google+. Google +1 plays recommendation. When your friend +1' give specific page and you look like content using keywords is likely to see this particular page among the top results on Google. Personalization of results is one of the main objectives of the leading search engine and social network is one of the tools to achieve it through recommendations +1 redundant human factor to the algorithms of Google, which means a major change in the future of SEO.

SEO and other social networks
   The impact of Google+ is more than clear, but what is the situation with other social networks? Do they play their social signals SEO specific role or are important only in relation to web marketing? Google released an official message confirming that some social signals influence. These signals are used for determining the so-called. Social prestige is a term different from PageRank. The message is quite vague and lacks specific examples, but it gives an indication that social signals will become increasingly important for optimization.

The information is confusing, but it is expected more clarity. Social networks are important for the development of each website, and most administrators use them hard. SEO techniques have undergone tremendous changes and will likely continue to evolve. We can only expect more surprises from Google+ and details about customizing the search results.