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How is Twitter Benefiting Off Ads?

Posted on 4th Apr 2013 @ 9:18 AM

                                                                                   How is Twitter Benefiting Off Ads?

In the last few days the popular microblog platform Twitter attention with the release of its own form of paid advertising - promoted tweets (Promoted Tweets). They provide a way in which advertisers show their tweets above all others when users search on Twitter. To some extent, this is similar to Google AdWords model applied in the Twitter environment. Initially, they were included in the status of over 900,000 users, mostly using application HootSuite.

Now, these promoted tweets to be included in the results in real time on the Internet search engine Google. This is a significant event for two reasons - first advertisement from another source is shown in the results of Google, and profits from this advert will be equally distributed between Twitter and Google. The deal is considerably achievement for Twitter, because the company not only forced to pay Google for the information provided $ 15 million in October 2009, but also won the ads that will appear in the results of Google. Promote tweets will only appear when users specify your search by using the "Recent Results", located in the navigation menu. The integration of Twitter into Google last week, however, continued with a vengeance. Internet giant Google has invested in a new form of display advertising, allowing advertisers to attract more followers to their profiles on Twitter.

Twitter is becoming a more popular method of direct communication and customer relations. Opportunities it provides almost limitless - from the announcement of promotions to support real-time products and services. By creating and maintaining a profile on the social network Twitter, you provide another channel for direct communication with your customers. Twitter account, you can even be used as a tool for support and answers to your representatives live customer questions. Branded specifically for your company's Twitter account will help increase online presence, increase credibility and establishing connectivity with the global network of consumers who are interested in your business.

By Google, which in most cases quickly announce all the new changes and products, this time taking more restrained approach to Twitter Ads, a new form of advertising program distributed via AdSense. Whether and how this type of advertising will be successful for both advertisers and the advertisers is the big question, having in mind all the unknowns about the cost of such advertising, the difficulty of measuring the return on investment in social media and how public will this information by Google. What effect can be expected from Twitter ads and how to measure? It is not clear exactly what information Google / Twitter will provide advertisers. Obviously it would be easier to measure increases in the standard indicators such as number of Twitter followers, re-tweet and mentions / direct messages, and make a clear connection with the advertising campaign, but a direct association with increased traffic and / or look at this extremely difficult stage.