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How to Advertise on Twitter

Posted on 16th May 2013 @ 10:55 PM

                                                                                   How to Advertise on Twitter

Ad.ly works as a liaison between advertisers and Twitter-users for the system are called "publishers". If you would like to advertise in the system, create promotional tweet and select users that are registered in the Ad.ly, to spread it. Then users can approve or deny your application. Each registered in the system Twitter-user has an individual rate card based on the number of followers (the system offers each participant to decide the price, but it advises acceptable value).

To avoid constant spam advertising, consumers are entitled to one advertisement per day which I think is very prescient move - it avoids loading the channel with too much noise, and the likelihood of followers to abandon someone all day run only ads is quite large. So everyone wins: consumers do not lose followers, advertisers communicate their messages in an unobtrusive way, Ad.ly won populyarnost.Ad.ly Tweet. Advertisements themselves are labeled as advertising, helping to transparency and will not harm the trust that followers have of the individual user. In addition, each of the registered "publishers" can give a message if it does not like - that's another factor in building confidence in advertising Ad.ly. To advertise, you must be gone "court" of the individual person.
Many consumers are simply Ad.ly seekers a quick profit, but there are plenty of opportunities for an accurate selection. Registered are about 20,000 accounts that can be selected based on the number of followers or thematic category that is most commonly known? At present the user with the most followers Kim Kardashian with 2,779,262, which, however, have to pay a solid $ 10000 for tweet.

Although the system works only in September last year, Ad.ly is developing rapidly and has caught the attention of Sony, Microsoft and Universal. Is currently implemented segmentation "publishers" in categories and analysis system your campaign in real time - how the planned tweets already sent, how many clicks received by each of them. Already have an opportunity to plan the advertising campaign "rental of advertising space" for a future period or for several consecutive days. Creators have announced a plan to improve opportunities for advertisers, by introducing an algorithm for assessing each registered "publisher" on factors such as number of active followers, number of retweets and how advertisements are published in it.