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How to Get a YouTube Video Ad

Posted on 5th May 2013 @ 12:38 AM

                                                                                   How to Get a YouTube Video Ad

Without doubt one of the most popular formats on the internet is videos. According to statistics from the Google AdWords - every minute on YouTube people upload 20 hours of video a day and watching 10 billion videos. This undoubtedly suggests many advertisers that this is a market with enormous size and potential. Google AdWords offers two types of advertising on YouTube.

1. Text advertising that appears as a subtitle in the video title created two lines of text and display URL. Very similar sponsored links.

2. Video ad before the video, the visitor is required to view before his chosen spot.

Either option will receive a bonus banner to the right of the video with your ad, which I think its a good deal.

Google has created a special tool for this type of advertising, called YouTube Video Targeting Tool. It will help you choose the right videos by keyword or by category