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How to Get Page Rank 10

Posted on 8th May 2013 @ 10:05 AM

                                                                                   How to Get Page Rank 10

There are several points you need to focus on if you want to get a good ranking in search engines.

 In order of importance, here's what you need to focus:

 1. Keyword research

 The idea is to find a low competition keyword phrase with good demand. Many people, especially novice trying to optimize for competitive keywords and wonder why they never reached the top 10 in the search engine.

 A simple approach is to introduce a key phrase in Google and check how many results to return. If it returns more than 500,000 results, we will have a good chance to rank well for that keyword phrase.

 2. Link building

 Link building is almost "everything" of SEO.

 If you are a beginner, you may read all about link building.

 - Article marketing
 - Social Bookmarking
 - Web 2.0 Sites
 - Internet directories
 - Blog comments
 - Press Release
 - RSS
    Game of search engine optimization is a game of link building, and the game of link building is a time management game for money.

 If you have all the time in the world to do that it is possible to do everything yourself. Otherwise, you will have to spend money to get the boring done. That's why I link building is a time management game for money.

 3. SEO friendly website

 I want to quickly give you a list of things you need to consider in onpage optimization.

 - Use your keywords as the domain name.

 - For each article, make sure that the keywords are in the title, the first sentence of the first paragraph and in the last paragraph.

 - Keywords in title tags and meta keywords.

 - You must use the file name of the article as the name of the file to your web page.

 4. Unique Content

 Whether it is to rewrite members? My answer is no. But contrary to my answer, 95% of my sites are created rewritten members. I do not want Google to wake up one day thinking that they want to penalize duplicate content and suddenly my income becomes $ 0 at night!

 5. "Beauty" Site

 Many people do not focus on that. What happened is Google measures the visitor stays on your site. If the duration is long, Google will think your website has good content and it will reward you with a better rank.

 To get a good rank in the search engines, you need to focus on all 5 points. Search engine optimization is not rocket science. This is pure hard work and influence. Most of the works are annoying, but if you know how to assign a bunch of tools that might just work, will greatly reduce the time for optimization.