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How to Hold a Successful Facebook Campaign

Posted on 25th Jun 2013 @ 12:23 PM

                                                                                   How to Hold a Successful Facebook Campaign

One of the most powerful advertising tools today, then Google Adwords is Facebook. The social network has over 500 million users, 1.5 million of them are Bulgarians, and so it is better to think about the opportunities that Facebook can give you.

But it is easier to create your first successful campaign on Facebook I have prepared a menu list three steps that will protect you from most of the problems you might encounter in the future.

Step # 1 - Use the CPC model of bidding for start campaigns. This way you can more quickly see workers and unemployed ads and then decide, what to leave as active to your customers and thus generate sales.

Step # 2 - Create clear boundaries for age. And only you will reach greater saturation of the target audience. Otherwise you will waste resources for users who are not in the set age group that would buy your product or service.

Step # 3 - Use keywords. The keywords will allow for more powerful and precise targeting of consumers. In the days of the crisis, this tool will give you an edge over your competitors that will increase the success of the campaign.