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How to Make Google Backlinks

Posted on 28th Apr 2013 @ 12:14 AM

                                                                                   How to Make Google Backlinks

There are many many ways to create Google backlinks, and we all know the importance of these links. Below is a list off all the ways I can think of to build these links, it is not all of them but all I can recall as I write this article.



RSS Feeds

Blog Commenting

Directory Listings

Article submissions

Forum post

Links exchanges




The big question is where to start. When I first started out on the quest to make a fortune on the internet I didn’t know anything about these and even now I can’t say I know everything about all of them. The reason for this is that there is way too much to learn and they are all constantly changing so keeping up would be near impossible, unless you have nothing else to do in your life.

Besides by the time you had learnt them all, kept up with the latest you would have no time to actually implement them to start with. So this brings me back to my question where do you start.

For me I thought I would start at the easiest, which at the time was blog commenting. All you needed to do was find some blogs related to your site, add a comment to the page, wake you link in using your keywords and presto you have a link. These where really powerful to once I found out how to find the links, trust me Google searches are not the answer. I found software, if you interested in this have a read of this instant backlink magic review.

Really these blog comments where and still are a great way to build links to your site, admittedly they are rather time consuming and your approval rate can sometimes be rather low. When you spend an hour reading ten or so posts, writing a comment for each and only four get approved it can really feel like a waste of time. So all in all Blog Commenting is an easy way to get links but it is time consuming. So what next? We all know the importance and value of Twitter and Facebook so I won’t go into these, for me the next easiest would be Directory Listings. Once again you can find software that helps you find these or do a Google search using these terms:

“suggest link” + “your keyword(s)”

“suggest a link” + “your keyword(s)”

“suggest a site” + “your keyword(s)”

There are heaps more than that but here are just a few. Once you will get heaps of results and you can submit your site or sites with a bit of dialogue about what they are. You will need to filter through the list as some will request a small payment for the privilege. Once again easy links but rather time consuming. After I tried that I moved onto article submissions and soon learnt that writing hundreds of articles can be a bit boring, I did end up signing up for this and that that helped me submit, spin etc, but what I found was the submission rate was terrible and the quality of the sites just wasn’t great. All in all there are many ways you can create Google backlinks easily but why bother there are providers out there that will do all the hard work for you.