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How to Market Yourself Online

Posted on 5th Jun 2013 @ 7:31 AM

                                                                                   How to Market Yourself Online

Here are some proven and effective ways to increase traffic to a blog or website and attract referrals in your programs.

    1. Linkreferral.com is a great opportunity to promote a blog or website and increase traffic. Membership is free.

   This site has more than 300,000 members. Separately is visited daily by thousands of non-members. After registration, you choose what subcategory to include your website. Then you have the opportunity to promote free.

   The principle is as follows: consider other sites and write reviews about them. You get 30 points to visit the site and up to 5 show a day. Roughly it takes 20 minutes a day. If you regularly earn high rank in the subcategory and hymns came in the top 10 on the list.

   If you have time and want to be on the front page you should pay more.

   Moreover, membership in this site helps faster indexing by Google. It vouches from personal experience.

2.  In social networks. I already wrote about this topic in a previous post, but as a way to earn money. But social networks are now a lot more than that. They are a great opportunity to advertise your business and to gain more traffic. How many. You can send e-mails to members. There are typically limited to a certain number free e-mails. But winning the officer may use them for advertising. Many members visit your profile and view your site. You can post free classified ads with links to your affiliate programs.

  Separately familiar with all kinds of people and learn useful things.
  These are business networks in which I represent. You can see and join if you wish:

Apsense.com; myNetworkingPro.com; Adlandpro.com
   3. Advertising via email. The concept is simple. Receive e-mails and any open mail accumulates points to use send e-mails. For this, you must make a separate account for the amount of emails is great. If you've used your normal account will jam. It takes a long time. Again, if you have time you can pay for loans. This method also works and has been tested. People open e-mail with security because they are saved by their own desire for these programs. Many of these may be included to yours if they consider worthwhile. If you do not at least get thousands of visits to your site. These are two sites that I use. It takes a lot of time daily. If you have more time you may shake and find more.