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How to Start a Business Marketing Plan

Posted on 3rd May 2013 @ 1:00 AM

                                                                                   How to Start a Business Marketing Plan

Company profits are entirely dependent on trade. Otherwise, few, if any, will be created. But what is marketing anyway?

Marketing is what you do when it is necessary to convince the customer to pay the necessary price for your product or service.

What are the secrets of successful marketing?

Secret 1
   Marketing a priority in your business
The main reason customers choose to buy your product or service due to effective marketing. Marketing process starts at the very beginning of your business and continue to its end.

It begins with the development of products and services that ensure that they meet the needs of potential customers, which leads itself to purchase - sale. The next step is the price to ensure that its business will profit, and users will be satisfied with it.
The final step is encouraging when businesses communicate with potential customers about the existence of the benefits of your products or services in order to entice them to connect and learn more. Marketing ends with the sale when the value of the benefits exceeds the cost of the product.
You can generate successful sales only when you have taken a positive development of the product, price, placement and promotion.

Secret 2
   Do not confuse advertising with marketing
Advertising is only a part of marketing. Often confused that advertising is the other name of marketing and it is all you need to do in order to attract customers. So ignore three very important steps - product, price and positioning.
Therefore, you will lose the ability to control and develop more than 75% of marketing that should allow advertising to succeed.

The secret 3
   Not only based marketing on their own opinions and desires
The owners believe that their powers of chiefs are sufficient to determine the marketing of their business. This is only partially true. Generally your customers determine what directions will move the marketing of your company. Focus on the implementation of the wishes and needs of our clients, from their perspective, it will increase their number.

Secret 4
   Learn everything you can about your prospects
Do thorough research on your potential buyers. Who they are, where they live, what kind of income they have, how many are willing to pay for your product.

Secret 5
   Learn how to keep out unwanted customers
You have the right to decide which clients you work and what does not. You can filter the unwanted customers - from early, so you can focus on desired. But for that you need to establish the main criteria to help you to decide which potential customers are acceptable.

The Secret 6
   Assess the value of your existing customers
You have often focused on the acquisition of new customers that ignore existing ones. Your business probably will not survive if you do not appreciate their already existing clients because they are the ones for which you are in the market and profitable. But how to show them that you appreciate them is up to you and the capabilities of your company.

Secret 7
   Creating a positive identity that is different from your competitors
Most customers compared. And I need a good reason to choose your product or service over others. You will have more sales if you have something unique in the market.

Secret 8
   Think about the emotional side
In the process of making the decision to buy something almost always begins with an emotional need. She just makes customers to consider buying something.