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How to Use Alt Images

Posted on 10th May 2013 @ 3:53 AM

                                                                                   How to Use Alt Images

On the Internet it is important to attract targeted traffic in any way. If you have not yet started and optimize images for better traffic from Google, here we explain some basic principles in this regard. Image search on Google gets only half a percent of total traffic, but because of the mixed results of searches, images actually get a lot more traffic.

Since search engines can not read images, you can use alt tags, to describe their image. Best alt tags should:

- Describe the image, not just to have keywords
- Must be keyword rich
- Must be clear and concise

To describe the image, you can include text to it, to explain in full detail what it is. The file name should also describe what is wrong with this picture. Since the web has billions of images. There are two aspects in terms of file size. On one side are the dimensions of the image, and the other - how much space the file. When you optimize a file, the optimal solution is its dimensions to be as large, while the file takes up the least possible space. Through programs like Skitch you can change dimensions while compression remains smaller amount of space occupied by the file. Best of all is that Skitch will retain image quality, because you do not want to compress it too much and it does not look good.

EXIF is interchangeable file format that allows you to add different types of meta information to an image file. In other words, it will be incorporated into the image so that wherever you move the file to "go" with it.

EXIF information is more detailed than alt tags and long descriptions. It carries information such as:

- Is the flash was on or off during image capture
- What kind of camera is used to capture
- What aperture speed is used

- Date and time of recording
- Height and width of the image

Anchor text is the visible text in a hyperlink. Just as with the rank of a website, you can increase the rank of the image by building links to it. The richer anchor text is given, the first will rank image. When you post an image of your website, make sure it has some text. From the text above or below the image, the title of the page or image - the more text is associated with the image, the better.