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How to Use H1 Tags

Posted on 11th May 2013 @ 11:09 PM

                                                                                   How to Use H1 Tags

Can excessive use of H1 tags to harm your site? Can CSS help to fool the search engines? How H1 tag should be used on this page?

By using H1 tag the content of your pages, giving particular weight to the words that mark them. Almost every presentation on SEO optimization, we emphasize the need for words, which optimize specific page to appear in the title (title tag) and H1 (heading 1) tag. Thus you specify on Google, that word is important and give more weight in the ranking in search results.

Almost any system for content management and blogging system provides a drop-down menu you can select the text and choose heading1, heading2, heading3 or heading4 tag.

The headings are a good tool to visually organize the content. Moreover, search engines consider header tags H1-H6 (especially those in bold) are important. Take advantage of this and use wisely and use H1, H2 and H3 tags, instead placing graphic titles, especially in the beginning of your pages.

Use HTML header tags to slicing parts its contents and make it easier to read and perception of your readers. Turn your most important keywords and phrases in your title tags. This will show the search engines that they are more important to you and they will give greater relevance and weight. Here is an example of how to properly use their titles and subtitles in the text of your pages:

HTML title includes your most important keyword phrase
Subtitle 1, including your most important keyword phrase
Paragraph of text, including secondary keyword phrases
Subtitle 2, including secondary keyword phrase
Paragraph of text, including other key phrases

The problem with titles is that each browser displays them in a way that may not fit the design of your site. Therefore, a good idea is to use the following CSS attribute:

In this way, the search engine will "see" this title as H1 header tag, but the browser will show people text that is formatted in a manner chosen by you, not the usual way. Always avoid using more than one H1 tag per page. As for the other header tags (from H2 to H6), they do not have such strict limitations and you can safely use them as and when you wish. However, do not overdo it with their excessive use especially that of the H2 tag.