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How to Use Search Engine Optimization

Posted on 23rd Apr 2013 @ 9:01 AM

                                                                                   How to Use Search Engine Optimization

When you create a website for your e-shop, what you care most about is whether and how to optimize their attendance. The process by which improves the visibility of your site and its additional pages in the search engines in a natural, "organic" way is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In general, the more often and higher in rank-list of results appears in a site, the more people visit it. SEO can focus on different kinds of search, including video and image search, local search, academic search, news search and more. SEO as a marketing tool used to understand what most people are looking for and through which search engines do.

Now that you know you have another tool to optimize visits your site, you wonder how you can use it. Here are some tips:

1. Find out what your audience - I need to know who your audience is to write the content of the website in "their" language. This looks simple, but is not easy.

2. Keywords and phrases: Make your site easy to use - Keywords and phrases are your helpers when you want to put your site in a particular category, which in turn will be easily found by search engines. The more clear and content-related keywords you have, the more quickly you will find a search engine and you will put your website at top position in the list of results.

3. Right words in the right place - I have a list of keywords. Now you are wondering how and where to install them. One tip - do not use them aimlessly through all your content. This is called Black Hat SEO techniques and is not tolerated by the search engine spiders. Black Hat SEO techniques are those techniques which do not comply with the rules of the search engines; unethical content is presented on the site with a different visual or non-visual material to capture the robots, invisible text and others, which generally leads to an unpleasant experience for searcher.

4. Put header tags in SEO - Though it is not very popular technique, it does not make it less significant. Most search engines index contains the names in the title tag, which makes it an important factor in the process of ranking.

5. Write meta tags - this is not very popular method, but everything counts.

6. Make your design easy to use - inefficient design includes no clear navigation, and heavy graphics and more. In fact, robots can be blocked by such sites, plus visitors will leave quickly if not immediately find what you need.

7. Submit of the site to search - Usually is made for faster indexing. But this is not always necessarily as robots spiders would recognize the MAC make the site yourself. But nothing prevents you to do it-it's still free.