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How to Use Vine

Posted on 8th Jun 2013 @ 11:36 PM

                                                                                   How to Use Vine

Vine is the latest and hot application for the iPhone. It was launched this year to provide 6-second videos. I tell people that this is something like Twitter, but for video. And because the application is launched by Twitter, a microblog integration is seamless. I used Vine, to show some covers of 25 different languages. Like all lovers of innovations in social networks, and I wanted to be among the first to try an application. I saw that my friend Chris Brogan and Steve Garfield enjoyed the Vine and this generated interest in me. Vine is very easy to use. With it you can make short excerpts of up to 6 seconds in total. Interestingly, your will be repeated in an endless loop. You can add a title and pass it on to your account on Twitter. It is still too early to tell, but it seems that people are interested and already used for demonstration of different things or to capture a place. Challenge the use of Vine Marketing and PR is how to tell a story in just 6 seconds. Funny, but I think the 6-second limit can be very liberating. It is in the spirit of Twitter and much like the limited to 140 characters tweet.
If you still plan on using micro-video platform Vine, you can draw inspiration from the behavior of the brands on the net so far. There are many good examples of the use of the Vine, and the uses are many and varied. If you are looking for inspiration, Brands on Vine will refer you to the brands they already use Vine, distributed industry.

View product - in the Vine can demonstrate both the type and size of the product and show it in action. What would happen if Will It Blend happens in 6 seconds? Will surely bring a lot retweets. Demonstration of a handbag can show how much capacity is Ladies jewelers - something difficult to visualize with photos only.
Submit teaser of the new product - raise the curtain on a new model and save the mystery of formal presentation or reveal anything about the product as Nintendo did with the package for WiiU ZombiU. In the field of real estate do you make the sweeping view of apartments and thus save customers valuable time?
How-to videos are ideal to attract users, and help them. Of course, we can talk for practical versions like this recipe for 6 seconds Cuba Libre, and for fun tutorials and examples from GE above.
In a similar theme, use Vine to create a visual checklist-and or lists - remembering the points can be improved with the new visual form and will certainly create diversity. Especially curious is the use of visual lists of recommendations - as does the publisher Simon & Schuster
Videos with before / after performance - especially effective stylists, hairdressers and other wizards’ appearance.

Vine could become as a source of boring content and a place full of creativity - it all depends on the ability of the authors to use the potential of the short form.