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Keyword Choice for Google AdWords

Posted on 10th Jun 2013 @ 11:40 PM

                                                                                   Keyword Choice for Google AdWords

Over 90% of Internet users use different search engines to get information about something that interests them. This means that the majority of the traffic comes most websites of the search engines. That is why it is extremely important your website is well optimized to have more traffic. One of the main factors affecting it which sites are in the forefront in introducing a particular search is keywords and relevant content. When your site is related to them, the more will show up in the search engines.

You must make sure that your site contains specific keywords you want to rank in search engines. Thus, Internet users will find you more easily. Sometimes the choice of keywords on which to bet with SEO optimization of your site is quite a difficult task. Here are 4 basic steps that will help you in selecting them.

№ 1. Select keywords - Think of your website. What do you want to achieve with it? What people are looking for on your website? What will you find there? Record the answers to these questions as you try to do it with words or short phrases rather than whole sentences or paragraphs. In this way, the easier it will become sentences and paragraphs in keywords that people will use to find the information on your website. They can be both very specific and concrete and broader concepts.

№ 2. Check out your competitors - View other sites in your niche. Find out what keywords they are using. If you can use them for your business, you can add them to your list of keywords.

№ 3. Find out which words have more demand - With the help of Google Adwords or a similar tool, you can find out how often these words are sought by Internet users. This will give you an idea on which of the words seems to focus more on what less. A good idea is to structure the list in ascending or descending order - i.e. of the most sought those with at least searches or vice versa. Note that those with the most searches have great competition. Once you know what keywords are popular with consumers, make sure that the content of your website relevant to them. In this way it will be interesting for consumers and has a chance to return. It is not only important to find the right keywords, but also to offer interesting and useful information. Memorial that search engines will provide you with visitors, but it is your duty to turn them from ordinary visitors into customers.

№ 4. Select which keywords to bet - Taking all this information into account, we must now make a choice. Decide which of these keywords is worth spending some time in optimization. Not a good idea to focus entirely on the key words with much demand as it would go against the very big competition. Better concentrates on words with less demand at the beginning and once you start winning the good items for them, you should think about others. After you define keywords which will be the focus, it's time to concentrate on their frequency of use, the places that will mention other important SEO techniques.