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Online Target Market

Posted on 16th Jun 2013 @ 2:19 PM

                                                                                   Online Target Market

   We are not going to beat you over the head with the fact that millions of people use the Internet every day. Reaching a wide audience can also be known as mass marketing. The best way to do this is to try and target the largest group of people in your main audience. It is hard to determine whether it is more effective to market your advertising strategies to a direct demographic or a wide audience. When marketing to a wide audience you want to try and determine what your biggest population is, and then do your best to market to that group. One is that there is another Internet "audience" to consider, one that is not often addressed. These quieter, hidden, but rapidly growing groups of Web clients are better known as "bots." If you are familiar with search engine technology, you already know that search engines use automated soft bots to "spider" (recursively traverse) the Web and update search engine indices. This process has been going on since search engines were first deployed; bots are a simple example of one type of information agent. But we will not talk about this in the article.

   To reach a wide audience you want to make as many people interested in your products or services as possible. To do this, you want to get people hyped up and excited without offending anyone. The marketing should be uplifting and positive to everyone. Businesses that use mass marketing are often more capable of using the most expensive (which is usually the most effective) forms of marketing such as television advertising. This can help to reduce competition from smaller businesses and create a barrier to entry for any new businesses that want to enter into the market. 

    There are many resources nowadays to reach wide audiences all over the world. There are newspapers, magazines, radio, T.V., and of course the internet. With all of these ways to communicate and reach out to the public, your marketing capacities are unlimited. As of right now, the biggest population of people is the baby boomers. They are the people in the 40 to 60 year old age group. This demographic is very knowledgeable about the past and today's technologies. Baby boomers have seen a lot of world changes and are usually pretty open minded. The way to reach them is by giving more choices and not being to forward or pushy in your advertising. Taking the time and effort to do research on marketing to wide audiences will definitely be a benefit. There are numerous books and articles on the subject. Also conducting your own surveys and doing your own research will help you to better understand the buying public in general. If you are not available to do this type of research, you can always hire a marketing firm. The people who work there can find all of the information that you could possibly need on statistics and buying trends around the world.

   Most consumers like to feel that they are in control. They are the one's making the decisions to buy. Also, throwing in coupons and having huge blowout sales always makes people want to check out what kinds of deal they can get. Try to keep in mind when you are doing your businesses marketing that people like to think they got a good deal and that they are the first ones in their social circle to try this new product. Keep things as general and non specific as possible when advertising and you will be successful in reaching a wide audience of consumers.