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Practical tips for increasing Facebook followers

Posted on 15th Jul 2013 @ 9:10 AM

Practical tips for increasing Facebook followers:

When posting e.g. News related to the brand, questions of a different nature, even telling a short story and more, seek length of characters is between 100 and 250. Another practice is the number to be less than 80 (according to some studies, the effect of increasing the involvement of up to 27%). In both cases be objective; clearly and concisely convey his message. Of course, include a call to action finally (Call to Action).  

If you include a link in the post, use the short URL. Why? Because we've all seen insanely long links that purely psychological level does not work well for consumers and they refuse to click on them and look terrible (especially if URL-off is in Cyrillic). Make your registration example. In bitly.com. Is free, the service automatically generates a link that looks great and provides you with statistics on clicks.

Use emoticons to convey a human emotion. Studies show that posts with emoticons contributing to 33% increase in the level of sharing and commenting, and increasing by about 57% of the trend Likes (Likes)

Post a "summons to action." Post your photo with the following: "If you are currently on Facebook / Pinterest / Google+, feel free to share ... (someone else's content or your content)." See the results for yourself!

Leave the option to add response from users when running polls to your page. Thus giving them the opportunity to express their opinion and assumption.

Provide a written text as visual infographics. How to do this? Use one of the free tools to create infographics on the web. Carefully select the text and pictures that you use, and be careful with their location. An example of such a tool is Easel.ly.

Before using any techniques, carefully research your audience - what they like, what is their age group, interests in what time of day are active and which ones use social networks.



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