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PSY and Social Media

Posted on 16th Apr 2013 @ 9:08 AM

                                                                                   PSY and Social Media

Hit South Korean pop singer PSY "Gangnam Style" became the most watched video in the history of YouTube over one billions views. "Gangnam Style" out in South Korea in July, but became popular overseas in early August 2012. Hit a 34-year-old chubby PSY seen between 7 and 10 million times a day. PSY is highly respected in his country because of the planetary success of his hit. This month, he received one of the most prestigious South Korean awards - the Order of Merit of the culture.

And as it turns out, the world does not revolve around Justin Bieber. The previous record was the young Canadian singer and the song "Baby", but Korean rapper Psy has reaped great success and captured the throne in the social network for video sharing. Psy not fail to show their joy as written in your Twitter: "Gangnam Style just became the most watched video ever on YouТube!!!" "Gangnam Style" brought international fame to Psy, as his last great successes performances alongside pop queen Madonna at her concert in New York and with MC Hammer the American Music Awards in November last year.

South Korean dance hit was released in July, rising pop star Psy on the world stage. Inspires thousands worldwide hit parody videos - by members of the British Army to create games and much more. The success of Psy is more evidence for the universal appeal of playful music and dance movements. Looks like YouТube, free platform to promote music can lead to significant gains for music publishers. Does every musician and artist should try to create a funny video that to achieve the viral effect and be imitated? It is unclear whether this success can be copied, but it definitely shows how easy clips that catch the eye can spread quickly on social networking sites and YouТube. One of the things that get in the video is that most people can not understand the lyrics.