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Recommended YouTube Channels

Posted on 9th Apr 2013 @ 1:00 PM

                                                                                   Recommended YouTube Channels

TV? You must be kidding. How could we choose boring and long reality show programs to intensive and professionally created channels that offer us YouTube? Imagine that you pour the dry statistics on how many videos are uploaded to the largest video sharing site daily. Now imagine how you would react in a cheap American-style advertising - "How do I know what deserves to be seen?"

We can not know what content would suit your taste, but we believe that our selection has channels that are as diverse and will appeal to different parts of our audience. And many of them are universal.  This is universally entertaining.

FPSRussia is crazy Russian with huge arms, which is actually not a true Russian. Weapons, however, are very real and are loaded to bursting with ammunition, just waiting to be launched in carbonated drinks, watermelons or mannequins with Nazi zombies look. With FPSRussia wear munitions thousands of dollars for a few minutes seems fun in a special way. Honestly, if you want to be in a dark room and laugh sinister about you while raging flames.

While it comes to advertising channel, you can not miss Blendtec. WAG Tom Dixon is middle-aged and has fun destroying things. All sorts of things - from toys to high-tech devices (yes, really hurts). How do you do? No, forget about traditional methods - Dixon used a blender. Incredibly powerful and durable blender at Blendtec obviously can make dust of all, because it is the very idea of advertising. Even if you're not looking for a blender that you do magnetic shavings watching the channel remains incredibly fun.

It is advisable to look at Collegehumor collegehumor.com, but even to be content with YouTube channels will not be disappointed - just look a bit older video. CH team is great and formats that you can watch the channel, there have been a lot. Get ready for a dose of intelligent humor that speech is more important than anything else, but the pun is almost everywhere. CH derides everything - movies, shows, politics and whatever else you can think of. Drawback for some may be that humor is closely linked to what is happening in the U.S. We do like.

Do you think you'll ever sit at the computer, smartphone or tablet and watch huge, bearded, six-foot Canadian who cook large dishes of meat and alcohol? Well, it seems you were not visionary enough. Harley Morinstayn and his company of fake ghetto stars love to cook, but do it in a special way. Under different conceptions brutal. How about ten pigs related anus to mouth, each of them is stuffed with turkey and each turkey - a rabbit and a hare - with sandwiches? We have to admit we're probably wrong order, but the excitement of watching a video of EMT is so compelling that we are allowed.