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Review on New Facebook Designs

Posted on 30th Mar 2013 @ 12:24 AM

                                                                                   Review on Facebook Designs

   On March 7, 2013, Facebook announced the biggest change in the design of your news stream ever, describing it as "the best personalized newspaper in the world." We have noted that the new design is simpler and easier to navigate, and the focus is on images and visual content - what it means, however in terms of marketing? One of the first things that will grab your attention when the surf is the new News Feed larger and more attractive images. This action increases the interest in not upload photos, and from there to the individual profiles. In addition to the already well-off publications, new design integrates changes that will change the way fans interact with brands. For example, when users like your page to the fore the profile picture of your brand. Expected and predicted full redesign since the news flow that has not been active for all users of the social network, Facebook announced that they launch new design and the walls of users or called Timeline. When a few days ago we wrote about the new design of the news stream on Facebook, which aims to focus on visual communication and simplify navigation for users predicted that within a few weeks we expect to be redesigned and made the walls of consumers. Today the news is confirmed.
   Redesign comes nearly a year after the announcement of Timeline, which was designed to communicate on Facebook focus on the personal stories of consumers today are focused applications. 's New Timeline shifted the main stream of reports and publications on the right, while the left column is reserved for user activity coupled applications - shared photos (Instagram), listened to music tracks, an expanded section with more details about the individual (About), whose profile is viewed.
   Favorite movies, books, and other interests will be "exported" to separate more clearly differentiated sections and visibility of each application will be controlled by the user through the button "Add to Profile". The official news sources, and Facebook themselves say that the changes will be visible within the next few weeks for all users - a fact, however, that changes in the design of the walls were visible and tested two weeks ago before official notice even the redesign of the news flow, which we wrote above, what makes us think that we will see the changes literally day. The new change will impose and "fix" the current applications, especially for so developers Facebook has added a new button "Collections", by which applications must be organized by type and re-submitted for approval.