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Seven tips you didn't know about SEO

Posted on 11th Jul 2013 @ 10:03 AM

Seven tips you didn't know about SEO

After more than three and a half years offering professional SEO services and more than nine years of studying internet technology, I can give a very precise definition of SEO services. I am writing this article because there are many customers of SEO services, even those who use SEO maintenance are vague idea of service.  

SEO service is aimed at all legal and authorized by the search engines methods to increase the popularity of your website on the Internet and make it easy to find and easy to use by any customers. SEO is a complex service and incorporates several main activities: site evaluation, selection of key phrases, creating and editing of texts, registration in search engines, continuous monitoring and analysis, usability, web development, web security, promotion in social networks periodic publication of advertorials, constantly winning new links to your site and more.

What many customers do not know or forget is:

1. SEO service is not very popular service. An SEO specialist can work with a limited number of customers. Never forget that! Best SEO professionals work with clients who believe in the success of your business, appreciate the benefits of SEO and have provided advertising budget for at least a year ahead. Do not be fooled that you choose which SEO Expert to work - he chooses to work with you. Much of the best SEOs prefer to work on their projects than for clients. Few are those that combine both.

2. SEO Services is a consulting service - Unlike other IT services. SEO is not operating and is not working on the job with fixed parameters. In SEO there is a great deal of creativity, creative methods and generate good ideas. Some customers try to invent themselves and put parameters of the service: You will pay X for Y new connections per month or paying X if we are on the first page in the nth word and Y if we are on the second page - forget it! No serious and self-respecting SEO Specialist will work in a similar way and accept such terms. The reasons are many and I am ready to explain them in detail in a private conversation at all concerned by the service. Of course, there are methods of measuring performance of each SEO campaign. Remember, you're paying for expertise, not to finish a job. The best option is when you set up a working group in which expert SEO consulting one or more programmer or another artist from your company who performs operational activities.

3. SEO is a dynamic service. An SEO expert must constantly evolve and monitor the latest Internet technology to monitor changes in the algorithms of popular search engines. Google's algorithms for ranking sites vary more than 300 times a year, so optimizer should be aware of the latest trends and know which methods no longer work as before, and what new approaches give better results. It should experiment with their sites and to discover new methods of optimization. An SEO expert must constantly monitor and analyze the sites of their clients and to generate new ideas to promote the sites. You should try to meet the action of competition, and try to keep the achieved positions of the site, constantly winning new links to the site and new relevant content.

4. SEO is a slow process. Beware many people that promise you SEO services with fast results! Find out finally that there is no quick SEO Service! As no single SEO optimization - this is an ongoing process. Twice beware of people who give you assurance that you will earn your site on the first page in Google!

5. SEO is a continuous two-way process - If you think you will prepay an amount and say a SEO expert: "optimize my site" and that your responsibility ends - will have to disappoint you. This is a continuous two-way process. Have at least one person from your company to be an active part in this process and constantly promote an SEO specialist. Under contract for SEO maintenance of ganbox.com we now include a clause obligations of the developer, which contains a long list of events that can be used for advertising and for which the contractor shall be notified. Do not interrupt the SEO process, if you see a drop in traffic or deletion of certain key phrases in the standings - temporary fluctuations are normal.

6. SEO is expensive but effective service - Yes, expensive service, but with high return on investment (ROI). Once the site gains momentum, the money invested in SEO you will be paying for years. Interesting in SEO is that no large and small businesses - this is a factor that has minimal impact on the results. Much more important are: the budget is provided and for how long, how long is an online site, how often updated, who worked on it, etc.

7. SEO is not for everyone. I regret to say it, but really it is very important to properly understand this point.
It has two sides:
* SEO may not be available from the mediocre specialist, because a serious and lasting harm to your site! An SEO expert should have extensive experience with all of the latest Internet technology, concept of marketing, very good knowledge of web programming knowledge in administering a web server and SQL server knowledge in Internet security, a sense of good vision, comfort and usability of websites. And most importantly: to have good ideas.
* SEO is not for the client who does not understand proper service which is not motivated enough and not fully convinced of the usefulness in. Very often in such cases, the client begins to pay for SEO services, then stops. As a result, even if there is a positive result, it is short and money invested almost entirely wasted. So both parties are satisfied.



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