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Social Networks Benefit from Instagram's Loss

                                                                                   Social Networks Benefit From Instagram's Loss

Applications are at war in the market and one app’s loss means the gain for the other. Instagram is an online photo sharing network that has been a very popular way for photo sharing over the years, and it was almost at the threshold of its business just when there was a bad news heard from its side. There was made a big change in the privacy policy of instagram that seemed rather offending for many users. This policy helped the rivals gain the advantage of mistrust over instagram.

The policy was related to the photo usage. Previously there were rules regarding the usage of people’s photos. They could not be used without their permission and could not be shared with any one and in no case could they be sold to advertisers. But the new policy was brought forth that made it possible for instagram to share the photos of people with others without asking for permission, so much so, instagram could also sell these photos to advertisers without asking for permission or paying them a share.

As a result, the rivals of instagram have been experience a serious boom with their applications now in the market. Pheed for example is an app that is identical to instagram. It has been amongst the most downloaded applications over the internet; on the ninth place overall. According to the chief executive of pheed, O. D. Kobo, pheed is experiencing up to 300,000 uploads a day. This is a serious number of photo file upload each day. Along with this, another rival of instagram that is Flickr from yahoo has benefited a lot from this downfall of instagram. Moreover, Flickr has become a popular way of sharing photos over the popular social network Twitter. This happened at the time when instagram announced that it will no longer be synchronizing with the competitors of facebook. This doubled the demand for other photo sharing software and apps identical to instagram. The difference in the ratings of Flickr before and after the announcement of policy by instagram can be seen from the fact that it was previously raked around 175 in iTunes apps and after, it was ranked in the 20s.     

Published on 15th Jan 2013 @ 12:41 AM