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The Best April Fools Prank Videos

Posted on 8th Apr 2013 @ 9:12 AM

                                                                                   The Best April Fools Prank Videos

Once shook off the pink wave of humor, today I want to continue your good mood and share some interesting April fool ideas.

Google Nose

You can not miss the new Google and search sensor. Sam tried several options already available (camping, fear and airport terminal) and all smell very accurately.

Especially for fans of alcohol, vodka Reyka offers a new taste for fans of Iceland - vodka flavored with volcanic ash. Response on Facebook is mostly positive.

While NFC technology is gaining power, Barclay's is the only bank with adequate service for pets. You lied lightly, because the message is from Kid President. Kid, who quickly became a viral-miracle, yesterday welcomed us with "It looks like you were expecting somebody else." Mere fact that the office of the Obama plays with memes worth celebrating.

I found a lot of jokes oriented cats on Vimeo but this is one of the best. The site will now specialize exclusively to cat videos and changed its name to Vimeow. The new homepage is in line.

Mother has released a press release to the effect that the Illuminati have used the services of the agency. See full text and be sure to laugh out loud. Twitter offers a new service - $ 5 per month you can use their paid service that includes voice. If you prefer a free account, you can still use the free Y, but all other vowels are not available.