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The Demographics of Facebook

Posted on 20th Apr 2013 @ 2:13 PM

                                                                                   The Demographics of Facebook

Facebook users have become billion. This means that approximately every seventh citizen of the planet uses Facebook at least once a month. But this is only part of the interesting statistics on the work of the social network.

Facebook said the achievement of another legendary stage of development with the announcement of its founder Mark Zuckerberg, who asserted a monthly audience of social networking, has reached 1 billion active users. Given that the world population is around 7 billion people, it means that approximately every seventh citizen of the planet uses Facebook at least once a month.

On the occasion of reaching 1 billion users of Facebook administrators praised and other interesting statistics concerning the operation of the social network the social network. For example, general social network are registered 140.3 billion friendship links posted are 219 billion photos and made about 17 billion records geo-tags. At the same time the social network will be available approximately 62.6 million musical compositions, which have been attended to 22 billion times. And from the moment of its appearance in 2009 “Like” button was used 1.13 trillion times.

The average age of Facebook users who have signed up on Facebook the week before reaching 1 billion active was 22 years, and during that period the most active users were from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States. It is noted that such middle-aged and similar activity were recorded at the time of reaching 500 million monthly active users on the network. The average age of current registrations, however, is slightly lower than at the time when active users on Facebook were 100 million


A total of 543 million people use the social network via their mobile phones, compared to 488 million before the release of the company on the stock exchange. Analysts, however, Facebook does not have to concentrate on reaching 1 billion users, but on the next billion. Social network also needs to increase its revenue as profit from any user less than Google, LinkdIn and even AOL. Another major drawback of Facebook are its low revenue from mobile advertising (currently around 182 million dollars a year), which is somewhat relative to quarterly revenue of nearly $ 1 billion.