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Twitter Ad Revenues

Posted on 2nd Apr 2013 @ 6:52 PM

                                                                                   Twitter Ad Revenues

   Twitter's revenue will reach $ 1 billion next year. This year the mobile advertising revenues will be higher than the total revenue last year. Short Message Platform Twitter will generate close to $ 1 billion from advertising revenue next year, according to a report by eMarketer, released Wednesday. Half of the revenue for this year due to a surge in mobile web advertising micro blogging service, and in 2015 mobile advertising will bring 60 percent of total revenues.

   Twitter is expected to have more revenue from mobile ads this year, compared to revenue from all ads that the company had last year - 308 million dollars. The growing popularity of mobile advertising, presented in March 2012, led eMarketer to raise its forecast for revenue for Twitter in 2014 to 950 million dollars, compared to the previous forecast of nearly $ 800 million. This year revenue will reach Twitter 582.8 million - almost double their volume growth compared to a year earlier.

   Twitter, which allows people to share do140-character messages, is a privately held company and does not disclose its financial results. With more than 200 million monthly active users Twitter is the most popular social networks, with Facebook Inc., and analysts expect the company to hit the stock market within two years.

   As consumers increasingly access the internet through smartphones, mobile ads are becoming increasingly important for business web companies like Facebook and Google Inc. Facebook said in January that revenues from mobile advertising has doubled from the third to the fourth quarter, representing approximately 23% of the advertising revenue in the fourth quarter amounted to 1.33 billion dollars.

   Google passed the 1 billion five years after its founding, while Facebook that happened six years. Founded in 2006, Twitter would be eight years old in 2014 Advertising on social networks is a significant business, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have a total of over 5 billion dollars in advertising revenue for 2012 Facebook notes revenue of 4.3 billion dollars side by including ads, sponsored stories promoted posts sponsored applications sponsored events. Second, the social networks for advertising revenue for 2012 ranks with LinkedIn sum of 972 million dollars. This gain is through advertising side, Title Ad and posts job. Twitter advertising wins 288 million dollars in 2012 by promoting profiles, tweets and trends.


Ten companies that spent the most money on advertising in social networks are AT & T Inc. (12.9 billion), Microsoft ($ 4 billion), Just Fabulous (3.9 billion dollars), Disney (3.7 billion dollars), IAC (3.6 billion dollars), State Farm (3.5 billion dollars), Amazon (3.3mlrd. dollars), Weight Watchers (3.2 billion dollars), Univ. Technical Institute ($ 3 billion) and Netflix (3mlrd. dollars).