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Twitter Net Worth

Posted on 4th Jan 2013 @ 6:43 AM

                                                                                   Twitter Net Worth

Twitter is a social network that also serves as a micro blogging service. Users can send and read text messages of maximum 140 words that are known as tweets in the local term. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years and many people have signed up for it. Twitter at this stage supports more than 900 employees working in various departments. The total number of registered users over twitter is 140 million plus. There are more than 1.6 million search queries in one day on twitter which makes it ranked in the list of top ten most visited websites on the internet.

With so many active members and so much activity going on at all times, the worth of twitter of course has to be high. Estimated early revenue generated by twitter is around 150 million dollars. The number of tweets made in a day is about 65 million. With so many people using twitter since 2006, they should have started advertisements right then. But twitter began generating revenues through advertisements in the year 2010. That makes 4 years wasted without advertisements. But even without generating through advertisement, twitter kept generating up to 45 million dollars a year.

The net worth of twitter can be estimated from the fact that in the year 2010, twitter mostly faced losses but after the beginning of new ventures it raised $200 million and another $100 million in revenues, the calculated worth of twitter then became $3.7 billion for the year 2011. With an agreement between twitter and Yandex the worth has increased even more. Yandex is a Russia based search engine that seeks benefit in partnership with twitter as Yandex will be able to get fast news feed with the help of tweets. In the year 2012, twitter also expanded the offices in Detroit and Dublin as an attempt to work with automotive brands and to become their advertisers. After purchasing the web design agency named Nclud, the worth has raised even more. The net worth of twitter is said to have reached the mark of 23 billion USD presently.