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What is Google Page Ranking

Posted on 13th May 2013 @ 8:51 AM

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Every owner of a business website, a site for services, products, catalogs, online stores, or personal presentation website, is eager to have his site at the forefront of search results in search engines. This desire is generated naturally by the need the site to be visited, and businesses - successful. This material is for all current and future owners of websites. We will present a list of all the necessary steps to take if you want your site to rank well in search engines. Today contains billions of web sites, with only Bulgaria Web pages are more than 3 million. This accelerated growth of the Internet has led to a strong referral business in the online environment, which naturally lead to serious competitors’ battle for supremacy over the others in its field. For its part, the creators of the largest search engine for information online, Google.com, reached unprecedented dimensions in technology assessment and Automated indexing billions of sites that fall within their servers. 2007 will be remembered by many people at the beginning of the new face of Google.com, which began to impose new algorithms in programming technology that determine the rating and ranking of each website in search results.

   In most cases, site owners want:

    - Higher rankings in search engines
    - More traffic to your site through articles
    - Establishing their nature as an expert in the field

Each of these advantages is worth and can improve your business and your Web site. So we need to do something to attract attention of the target market.

Where to collect target market? - On Google and other search engines.

The target market also seeks solutions to their needs. As a site owner, your main goal is to qualify to the starting position.

What is called "targeted traffic"?

These are the people who visit your site and most likely require exactly what you offer. This is your goal!

What are the steps to rank higher in Google and other search engines?
Determine your keywords. They are not just words but are the words that the target market most often used to find web sites like yours. Once you know who they are, efforts to position your site so that it satisfies them. It is not difficult to identify the key words - you just a little research.
You should to write articles. When writing articles, you are almost certainly using keywords. It's nice when you wrote the article to read it again to find places where you can add keywords or phrases. The goal is to optimize both text keywords that sound real. Do not overdo the keywords for SEO, search engines do not like this practice. Their density has to be 3% or less.
Published articles often
. It means to publish several articles per month. This is the part where many people go astray - consistency is paramount. You have to constantly keep your site's content.