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What is the Best Social Network?

Posted on 30th Mar 2013 @ 12:23 AM

                                                                                   What is the Best Social Network

Social networks of communication as a way to forced and all became part of my life. In addition to communicating with friends, and now Facebook has a tool between potential employers and employees to communicate. More seek recruitment agencies to recruit candidates through "active channels" - that seek candidates who directly offer do not apply, but from a position would be interested. So they often seek professionals in social networks and Facebook, with certain qualifications on the internet. With each passing day, the presence of employers and human resources professionals is increasing in the online space. Increasingly, the channel monitor, collect information on employee motivation and management of staff on current issues.

Everyone has moments when to dump everything comes and the world to say "Not anymore. My job is terrible. "But how much is reasonable? Before logging in to Facebook and all the office to write how boring you, consider who will read it. Hardly call is appropriate that the work will not go because you are sick and can post photos at the same time from the beach and tell your friends to a great day on the sea. And if you do not work at the moment and write you an interview, it would be normal, but if you work at the moment, not your boss know that you are looking for work - is hardly appropriate. Before photos to publish, or too personal to provide facts, be discreet and consider this information for whom it was intended.

The corporate social network Facebook wall will update the status of colleagues - what they do call you have available and will save a lot of time on phone calls in vain for an appointment and more attempts. similar. But what and how much information to share with people on Facebook is good, what rules to follow?

As for the interview, and the social networks in the communication rule bad for his superiors not to talk about the company or colleagues. This behavior is the lack of loyalty and hardly speaks to your potential employer would make a good impression.