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Where is Facebook Used?

Posted on 29th May 2013 @ 11:13 AM

                                                                                   Where is Facebook used?

I have been on facebook for a little over  three years. I’m going to make an observation on what people mostly use the site for.

Here’s my take on facebook:

  • People like to talk about what they’re doing and where they’re going in life. You’ll see people in facebook saying stuff like “(name here) is at the grocery store”, “(name here) is making a cup of coffee”, “(name here) is going to the movies”, etc. The most popular one, is “I’m going to bed”, you see it everywhere!
  • People like to vent about how much life sucks or if they’re having a bad day. If something bad happens in people’s lives off the computer, they’ll go in facebook and rant about it publicly. Then their friends will start replying to them to try to make him/her feel better. I see this all the time.
  • People like to use the site for dating and relationships. Internet dating is becoming more popular than ever. People obsess with that, “in a relationship” status option in Facebook for whatever reason. I’ve seen couples hook up because of facebook lately.
  • The weird thing about facebook is that it also gives couples (whether married couples or not) the opportunity to show their love to each other in front of everyone publicly. Not that it’s a bad thing but it can be risky in a way. There are tons of single people out there, that if they have a crush on someone who is “in a relationship” or married, they’ll be keeping an eye on that “status relationship” option, to wait until they’re single or divorced again. It happens often in facebook, almost like a virtual soap opera like you see on daytime TV.
  • People like to play facebook games like farmville, mafia wars, etc. Sometimes this is the only thing people use facebook for.
  • People like to hit the “Like” button over stupid nonsense. You know what I mean, people would hit “Like” on these ridiculous sentences for example: “true friends treat each other right”, “Please no drama”, and all these personal relationships and dating tips people hit “Like” for. I think you know what I’m talking about.

I think that pretty much covers it. Maybe the facebook movie, “The Social Network” will cover all that stuff too. People use facebook in a very strange and odd way. Maybe that’s what Jeff Zuckerberg wanted people to use facebook for so they can stay addicted and it helps get more people to register.

I try my very best to keep my life off of facebook. I use the site to talk about the entertainment industry like I do here as a way to help promote my blog site. I don’t use the site to be open about my personal life like a lot of people do in there. I use it to talk about my usual music, movies, health & fitness topics in there. I think it is what’s best. People just don’t realize what they’re doing in social networking sites.