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Why Facebook Changed From the Wall to the TImeline

Posted on 14th Apr 2013 @ 10:09 PM

                                                                                   Why Facebook Changed From the Wall to the Timeline

Facebook launched its new service Timeline (log). With this service, user profiles will be changed and become something of a record containing all the information about their lives, which were posted on the social network.

But the change is so great that you will probably have a certain period of time to get used to it and start to take full advantage of innovations. Timeline is something bigger. At some point you have to beat the Timeline. This is a change that will be inevitable in the next few months.

As always - and fortunately - your wall (as Mark Zuckerberg does not want to call it) is organized chronologically, with time running from top to bottom, as crazy as it may sound. Indeed all the fluids flowing from top to bottom. But time is not liquid. Or is it (brain storm)? After my little dose of philosophical reflection foolish / stupid attempt at a joke went, we summarize that this is at the top of the page and at the bottom is your birth date. Yes, Facebook is now returning to the first day of your life and shows all events that are entered after that date. The system does not yet support the people who believe in reincarnation, so you're limited to one life.

After you click Get it Now, you will need to reset the Cover image (something like a picture of your Timeline). You can now select one of the uploaded images, or upload a new photo from your hard drive. Timeline view your friends’ photos, activity and puts everything directly under this Cover image.


In the top left of the Timeline has buttons that allow you to add a state picture, place, and event. If you click on the blue line that goes down the middle of the page, you can also share status, photos, places and important events. The right side of the screen displays a calendar of events that you see that you view the screen when they happened. With calendar, you can go and specific year and month you want to see published events.

Changing the look of the user profile becomes very intuitive way. Press the asterisk, which is located on a specific post to force it to occupy the entire width of the window. To return to the previous form, press the asterisk. To remove completely from publication Timeline, click edit (edit) and then select Hide it from Timeline (journal of the hide). This step removes the post from Facebook, it only disappears from the Timeline. And here things get a little confused. If you hide the post, it will not appear in your Timeline, but can be found in traditional ways, as there was before the Timeline. To remove this post completely, you must delete it from Facebook, not just hide it from the Timeline.