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Why is Twitter so Successful?

                                                                                   Why is Twitter so Successful

   One of the most popular social networks created in 2006 already has exceeded many people’s expectations. That social network is Twitter. ”Just setting up my twitter,” — the first Twitter message by Jack Dorsey, who created the social networking site inSan Franciscopaved its way to popularity.  It grew and developed very rapidly and is still constantly in developing stages. Over the past few years Twitter could stretch its roots throughout the globe.  The amount of Twitter users proves its popularity. In 2011 there were more than 300 million registered Twitter users. Twitter became popular in a very short time.  So what’s the secret of its popularity?

   1.)    Simple to use

You will find that of all the different social media sites, Twitter is probably the most easy to use. If you can type something into a search bar, you can type and send a message on Twitter. Yes, if you are using Twitter for other things like marketing your business, or you are trying to create exposure for your business, there are some other things that you can do. But all in all, this is a micro-blogging service that is extremely easy to use.


   2.)    Mobile and Desktop Applications

There are many different applications available that help you connect to the Twitter network. These apps will work for mobile phones, desktops, and in some cases right from your television. You will be able to send messages wherever you are, and whenever you would like. You will also discover that Twitter has officially opened up its API. With their API, you will be able to use third party applications to send auto posts and feeds from your blog right to your Twitter account. You will find that instead of trying to keep up with posting information, you can have information automatically posted using a WordPress blog or a site that offers a feed. This feature alone is an excellent reason to use Twitter.


   3.)    You can follow and be followed by important people

There are a lot of important people on Twitter that you can follow and network with. You will also find that if someone shares your information and some important person likes it, they may want to follow you as well. These people can be important and it simply looks good on your account when you have important people following you. You will also find that because these people are following, others may join along as they see you becoming more popular. It’s also important to note that major groups and companies use Twitter. These are only some of the top reasons why Twitter is so popular and the sooner you begin to use this service, the sooner you will be able to take advantage of the services it provides.

   Each user has his/her expectations from Twitter. Some users like to know what their favorite celebrities are doing. Others want to gain as many Twitter followers as possible and enlarge their business and some may enjoy becoming acquainted with different interesting people. Though its limitations it develops day by day, increases the amount of its users, remains popular and leading throughout the world.

Published on 8th Dec 2012 @ 7:40 PM