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YouTube Net Worth

                                                                                   YouTube Net Worth

Youtube has become a massive platform not only for video sharing but also for advertising and promotions. It has becomes linked with so many other applications and programs online that there are literally million of clicks each day and no less than billions of clicks each week for Youtube. More the site is visited more will the advertisers pay the platform for promotion. Many people now a day are making millions each year using this website. For so large a circulation of wealth, it is obvious that the net worth of Youtube is not going to be less.

In the year 2006, Google bought Youtube for a price as high as 1.65 Billion dollars. This is a serious price to be paid for a website but it makes realize that it is not just a website. It has become an entire body of functioning organs and generating revenues. Looking at the price Google paid for the website, it is obvious that they see some future of this large investment. In the year 2007 there was not a publically disclosed record for the revenue generated by Youtube, but in 2008 the revenue reached the level of 200 million dollars. All this revue was generated through advertisements.

The current worth of Youtube is not accurately given anywhere. But one thing is clear that there is almost an unlimited opportunity for Youtube owners to make money as the popularity does not seem to drop. More and more people are joining in each day and with every minute that passes, several new videos are posted on the site. When people share videos there is an automatic traffic of people who wish to see them. And as the traffic increases the number of views and thus the revenue goes up high. As far as the earning per year is concerned, Youtube does not make money equal as that of Microsoft technologies but it is estimated that in the coming few years, the earning would rise up to the level of 1 billion dollars. That is the reason why many people are saying that the worth of Youtube is a billion dollars.     

Published on 5th Jan 2013 @ 7:25 PM