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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What's the guarantee of MoreViews' services?
A: We guarantee 100% of our services' results or your money back. This is much better than other services because they don't guarantee 100%.

Do you guys accept credit cards?
A: Yes, we do accept credit cards through Paypal. Once you check out with Paypal, click on the credit card option and now you can pay by credit card. *You don't need a Paypal account to pay by credit card.

I just bought the product, how do I send you my information?
A: After you purchase the product, click "return to merchant" on the Paypal receipt page. Then, you will be at a page where you fill out all the information we need for your service such as the website link, your email, and etc.

What should I do if I forgot to fill out the information for my product?
A: If you fail to fill out the information for your service, just email us at [email protected]. In the email, include the product you purchased and your transaction ID/Receipt #. After you have done that, you will receive a confirmation from us in the next 24 hrs.

Questions are coming all the time since this is so revolutionary. We’ll keep posting Q&A as they come and be sure to send us yours. Click Here to Contact Us Now!

Privacy Policy

 will promise to keep all your information private, and we will keep your identity and other information secretive and never release any information to third party companies, YouTube, Myspace or anyone. We will not sell your information, or email address to anyone. We believe that is wrong, and unfair. We will keep our services professional, and deal with issues responsibly and maturely.

Term of Service

 guarantees to deliver services according to the description of the product and some services will stay permanent as long as your site is up. Since YouTube and Myspace have their strange ways of updating statistics your results may vary and be delayed.There is no refund if your YouTube video or channel and Myspace channel is are removed or suspended. 

Under no circumstance will be held liable for actions taken by YouTube or Myspace against your account. This includes actions such as deleted accounts, disabled accounts, suspended accounts, suspended features, deleted music, disabled features and/or any other action that may be taken by YouTube or Myspace that effect your use of the YouTube or Myspace service. In all circumstances, the limit of liability shall be the amount of your purchase payment. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason,please contact us immediately.

If we don't deliver any of the services in 90 days, you will receive an automatic refund from our sales department. The delivery time of each item is only an estimated time and not the exact time. Delivery time can vary due to the amount of orders we receive.  

Flagged video’s are different on YouTube. Video’s that have been pointed out as flagged by the YouTube editors, often contain sexual or offensive material. More Views, Inc cannot guarantee a full product when you choose to upload content that is flagged by the YouTube editors. This may sound unfair, but promoting a video like that is incredibly hard, since people tend to report it much faster. We do NOT offer a money back policy when your video gets flagged. This is not subject to discussion.

You agree that by using More Views, Inc, you have read and understood More Views,Inc's terms of use and agree to be bound by these terms of use.

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